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Updated May 8 2020 1:00  PM (Location Updated)

May 6 2020, Wednesday

“Otsego County Senior Prom Night Photoshoot 2020" organized by Celeste Lovely Photography LLC in collaboration with Modern Exposure Photography and in Partnership with Otsego County Adopt a High school Senior 2020 facebook group.  This event will be happening on May 31st 2020, Sunday from 5:00 - 8:00 PM at the Michaywe Clubhouse. 


The mission of this event is to make High School Seniors feel special, lift their spirits and to be able to keep complimentary digital photos and 1 photo print for each participant to last them a life time even during this Pandemic. We understand that the Senior Prom may have been cancelled but this event will give each Senior student an opportunity to dress-up, get their hair and make-up done and get their photos taken by a Professional Photographer. We are hoping that this event will at least cheer them up and make-up for that void that they are missing with all the things being cancelled. 


All High school senior students are invited to participate whether they are from Gaylord High school, St. Mary’s Catholic School or Home-schooled. 


For everyones safety we will be following scheduled booking which is available online and social distancing guidelines will be observed.


Depending on the turn out we may be opening another day to accommodate all interested parties. Interested volunteers, ushers, vendors  who would like to be involved and donate their services are also encouraged to reach out to


A separate free event has also been created for High school seniors for non-otsego county residents.


For more details, Please follow the link provided. In the page you will find the Event Page as a spot well where you can reserve a spot.





Celeste Feole

Celeste Lovely Photography LLC

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