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celeste lovely camper rental


Earn Extra Income

List your RV for rent with us and earn extra income. Whether you own an RV or are looking to purchase one this program allows you to supplement your RV expenses, take advantage of tax benefits. Block out your use dates and still have use when the unit is not on rental.

Renter Screening

Each renter is screened throughout the entire renting process all the way up to departure. Mandatory drivers license check and test drives are part of each rental. If we are uncomfortable at any point we may cancel the rental. Preservation of assets is our priority. 

Maintenance and Care

Each unit is cleaned upon return to show room quality. We believe that a clean RV sets the tone of expectations for the renter. This is one of the ways we ensure your RV will stay in top conditions. Any damages caused by renters will be deducted from the security deposit and promptly repaired.

Documents and Insurance

All consigned units are placed and covered on our commercial policy while on rental. Your personal policy will cover this unit outside of rentals and during owner's use. Each rental is documented with a walk through video, contract, check out form, check in form, and security deposit. 

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to consignment. Therefore we have different levels of consignment that may fit your needs better. We can assist with staging, photos, training, orientations, documents handling, check in/check out, purchase power at local dealers and many more. All ideas will be considered. 

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