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Cancellation / Rescheduling your appointment.

Can I reschedule my session?

Please be aware that I will be enforcing the cancellation policy as outlined in your contract.

I have been lenient and it keeps happening. I do not think it is fair for families that are trying to get in my calendar and has to wait over a month and a half out or cannot get in at all since we are fully booked.

Please plan accordingly. 

What if it's raining?
Weather cancellation and rescheduling is under the discretion of the photographer. In the event that we need to reschedule I will decide 1 hour before our session. Your session will be rescheduled the soonest agreeable time and date. 

Should you need to reschedule, for whatever reason, there will be a $50 reschedule fee. You will need to start over and pay a new retainer fee.

Coronavirus: A positive covid-19 test with your name from your doctor waives this rule.

A retainer fee is NON-REFUNDABLE when you cancel or reschedule your appointment.

This applies to ALL kinds of sessions, weddings, full and mini sessions.

As indicated in my scheduler. 
When you book a session your deposit and contract is due within 1 hr. When not received, your appointment will be cancelled and opened up for someone else to book and you will need to start over. 

Communication is key. Email communication is my preferred way of communication please check your email and junk mail. 
Fb messenger and texting is utilized also. 

Emails,text,call, messenger communications , NOT RETURNED warrants automatic cancellation of your appointment and forfeits your retainer fee.

Thank you so much and I appreciate you understanding my business policy.

How soon can I get my photos?

Winter: within 2 weeks, Spring-Fall: 2-3 weeks Special events, 3-4 weeks. Weddings 6-9 Weeks or see your contract.

Sneak peeks are usually up within 7 days.

The faster you submit your choice of images, the faster I can deliver your final gallery to you.

Step 1: You will receive an email with the link to your online gallery proofs. All images are not final, our main goal is for you to select your best smile and poses. Do not worry about the shovel in the background or the object holding up the prop or the image being to dark or too bright, etc. You will notice my logo across the photo as these images are not final and are not for publishing. Screenshots are strictly prohibited as these are not final images and it is not a true representation of my work. Just be patient, it will all be worth the wait. ;)

Step 2: Use the heart button to select your choice of images and to let me know which ones are your favorite.  Select the number of Images that are included in your package. Additional Images maybe purchased separately. Please see my price list.

Step 3: Notify me soon as you are done. Email or Share it back with me to let me know you are done I will not know once you are done unless you let me know.

Step 4: I will edit further and your final gallery will be delivered within 2 weeks. Any special  EDIT requests must be communicated within 48 hrs form receiving your proofs or your final gallery.


here is a $30 re-edit fee for regular sessions and $100 fee for weddings in special events if your requests isn't received within 48 hrs from receiving the link to your gallery.

Why is there a fee? I already paid you.

I do not keep a gallery longer that I should as I am constantly editing work load from different families. This means when you don't communicate in a  timely manner I delete your files and move on to other families galleries. In order for me to make necessary edits I have to find your file in my external hard drives, re-upload your gallery, cull through your gallery, hand edit them one by one according to your special request. This is an additional work for me to accomplish. Please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time. Requests will be processed in the order received.


I do not like the end result of my images, it is not the same as the other photographers work that I seen?

When you book a session with me I assume that you have seen my work and portfolio. Any work done in your photos suites my creativity and reflects my editing style portrayed in my portfolio. I do not publish "unedited" work or any work that does not match my portfolio. No re-edits to match someone else's work will be performed. 

Can you edit the sky and remove the beer can on the side of my husband?

Need something fixed? Complex editing like face swaps, blemishes, clothing, slimming, remove object, Sky replacement are $25/image. 

I forgot to download my photos, can you please send me a new link? You are responsibly in downloading your photos within the appropriate given time of 30 days. After 30 days your gallery expires and a $30 re-upload fee is due to reinstate your online viewing gallery. Please allow 3-4 weeks turn around time. Please note I keep photos up to 6 months. After 6 months photos gets deleted. 

What should I do if I end up wanting more photos more than what is included in the package I purchased?

You may purchase each additional photos or purchase your entire gallery.

You are able to purchase additional Digital downloads right from your online gallery. Please see price list.

What is included in the USB?

The X-number of images included in your package. Remember, to obtain a copy of your Full Gallery or images, you must purchase it separately.

Also, buying the USB does not buy the images nor my copyright or print release they are separate. You have to purchase the images to put in it the USB.

Do I have rights to print my images somewhere else?

Yes. You have full rights to all images you have purchased. A certificate is available upon request if necessary. Please refer to our contract for other questions. However, I highly recommend using my website for prints. Remember, prints that are printed from other places (i.e. walmart, costco, walgreens) are not guaranteed by CLP. Print at your own risk. I highly suggest ordering your high resolution, laboratory quality prints and canvas through your gallery. Take advantage of the print packages!


Model call: No. When you booked your session it is indicated in the Terms and conditions that Copyright and Print release is available at $50.00. Purchasing the entire gallery or individual images, however, includes copyright & print release. 

*Watermark removal of your complimentary photo is available at $20/photo or $50 for all.

Paid Sessions: All Paid sessions includes print release.

Why is there an annoying watermark on my photos?

Although some may not bother there are some who would. Photographers who share their images online and choose to use a watermark usually do so for four main reasons: They feel that a watermark will allow viewers to more easily find and quickly identify their photos and brand as images get shared around the Web. This can be highly beneficial for marketing purposes. Also to show copyright ownership after spending countless hours ensuring your images are color corrected and retouched for the perfect brightness after countless .

Proofs: A big watermark is placed across your photo to prohibit unauthorized screenshots and printing of my work. 

Final Images: Often a small watermark is found in photos.

Why should I buy high quality prints from your website printed by photo laboratories? I can just go to Walmart!

I spent hours ensuring your images are color corrected on a calibrated monitor and retouched for the perfect brightness. After performing the test and seeing the huge difference in results, it was frustrating knowing all that hard work can fly out the window depending which lab you order from (Walmart, Walgreens, etc.) So when Pixieset, my gallery delivery method, started offering professional quality prints ordered directly through the gallery, I couldn’t tell my clients fast enough! Professional labs offer a sure way to see your images the way your photographer intended you to see them.

May I order prints from proofs gallery? 

Yes you may. I would rather that you print it than lose it forever. Like, You really like it, but not enough to pay for it. That a print is good enough than a download. It's like a love and hate relationship, I get it. I would recommend waiting for final gallery to order your photos. I can compress your files into 1 gallery if you let me know you want to print your proofs and final images.

Any more questions I did not cover here?

Check our contract, did not get an answer there? Message me through the CelesteLovely App, or email me at

How can I get ahold of you if I have any questions?

In hopes to effectively and efficiently streamline my communication process I kindly ask that you reach out to me via email.



Wedding Packages (you are reaching out to me about...?)

Due to overwhelming amount of inquiries received across my social media accounts in both personal and professional accounts I have decided to put up my boundaries and focus on email communication as my preferred professional mode of communication.

I find myself scanning through FB messenger, Insta messenger, FB personal messenger and text messaging to connect the dots where we left off in communication. Which takes my time away from my work.

Today, I decided to keep everything in one place and to efficiently utilize my time.

This also includes business related inquiries sent to my personal page will not be answered.

Text messaging will also not be answered.

Please allow 24-48 hours response time.

Please check your email/junk mail periodcially.

Although I understand the convenience of the messenger and app please know by doing this it helps minimize any possible miscommunication, missed messages "Oh I didn't get your text/message.", and efficiently track all communication using one channel.

In case of anything urgent, I will be calling your cellphone number that you provided in the contract.

Kindly read through or you will be redirected back to the FAQS page.


Frequently Asked Questions
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